Penny Carroll, Editor

Your fitness passion? Yoga, dance workouts and anything outdoors. I love fitness that feels like fun, like hiking, dancing or cruising the neighbourhood on my vintage bike.

What gets you through a busy day? Endless cups of tea, and the promise of a dip in the ocean at the end of it!

Your idea of a happy meal? A cheese platter. Preferably for one.

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Cynthia Lau, Graphic Designer

Your fitness passion? My current fitness interest is smashing in badminton. Playing with a group of profesh friends really works up a sweat!

What gets you through a busy day? A mix of upbeat tunes through my AirPods – it really blocks out the world when I’m in the zone. Please tap my shoulder for attention!

Your idea of a happy meal? Definitely a generous portion of salmon and scallop sashimi served with a glass of umeshu chilled on ice.

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Jess Pecoraro, Fashion Editor


Your fitness passion? After doing a 30-day yoga challenge I’m now obsessed. I just love seeing how my body can do things I never thought it could.

Biggest #firstworldproblem? When a cafe runs out of my favourite thing on the menu.

What’s your idea of a happy meal? Fresh sourdough bread with avocado, or Nutella with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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Constantina Demos, Beauty Writer

Your fitness passion? Sweating it out in a Les Mills Body Attack class. It’s like dancing around your room to remixed 80s songs, but with a couple (hundred) squats and lunges thrown into the mix.

What gets you through a busy day?  Coffee, coffee, coffee. And any Taylor Swift song. Yes, even her early country tunes #noshame.

Your idea of a happy meal? Anything cooked by someone else. Cooking is the bane of my existence.

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Odette Barry, Digital Content Manager

Your fitness passion? Anything sweaty with a pal. I’m not a lone ranger with exercise, in fact I completely suck at motivating myself to do anything on my own. I absolutely love my morning bootcamp with a squad of beautiful babes.

What gets you through a busy day? Starting my day at the beach with my doggo. Oh and working with said doggo at my feet. I feel pretty lucky to have a gig that allows me to do what I love in the company of the dog that I love…more talking about dogs? 

Your idea of a happy meal? Look I’ll be the first to say that just about all food is good food – I’m not a purist. I’ll take just about anything fresh and tasty (except ice cream and pizza – I love me a colourful salad and anything Thai, Vietnamese or Indian.

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Tess Mol, Digital Coordinator

Your fitness passion? Anything that get’s me sweaty, I’m not picky! I love anything from a hard strength-training gym sesh to a long run, a HIIT session to boxing, dancing to hiking, surfing to yoga – you name it, I’m there.

What gets you through a busy day? An early morning workout, some fresh air and beach time, the A1 hip-hop playlist on Spotify, lots and lots (and lots) of coffee… and the knowledge that I have food to look forward to every few hours.

Your idea of a happy meal? A big roasted veggie salad, with cherry tomatoes (crack), tahini dressing (the best thing ever) and tofu (bae), or an epic Indian meal cooked by my fiancé’s Mumma.

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Carla D’Agrosa, National Advertising Manager

Your fitness passion? It used to be netball, now it’s swimming!

What gets you through a busy day? Structure, and looking forward to lunch.

Your idea of a happy meal? My idea of a happy meal would be any meal at Glass restaurant with my husband and daughter, looking out at the water and boats, surrounded by fairy lights and yummy food and wine.

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