THE ICONIC Sport has us well-prepared for International Yoga Day on June 21. The outfit options are endless so we recruited some help to narrow it down.

With International Yoga Day just days away, we enlisted the assistance of founder of the Upside and fashion icon Jodhi Meares in order to get our outfits sorted for the big day. As the queen of yoga-wear she gave us her best advice on how to choose pieces for function, style and comfort.

WF: Going upside down in a class and having our top fly over our head is the story of all of our lives. Which pieces should we be choosing for a seamless downward dog?

JM: Welcome to my world! I love inversions – standing on my head is my favourite posture in yoga. I have a very revered headstand around the world. In fact, I have a running contest with my friends as to who can do headstands in the weirdest places. I got a standing ovation at a bar in Mykonos for doing one on the bar.

Tanks flying over your head are the reason we did the ribbed tanks (coming out in July). We make tops for all sports, but yoga is a particular love of mine so we spend a lot of time on developing these products. You don’t want your tanks too tight or restricting – I prefer to practice yoga in cotton tanks for a soft feel and breathability.

Common sense tip: tuck it in when you’re going upside down!

WF: VPL– it’s an issue and we don’t like it. The jury is kinda out on the best underwear for yoga, what’s your advice?

JM: I wear American Apparel cotton thongs. I’ve been wearing them for years. I believe in cotton underwear (ask your naturopath!), I find them to be the best and most comfortable.

WF: How do we do a Goldilocks and stay warm, but not too warm during winter yoga?

JM: It’s about layering really. If you’re practicing at 6am, throw on a jumper and a coat. Fleece is best – you don’t want to muck around with wool and knits. When you start your practice, strip down to the basics and make sure to take your socks off before practice. Just before Shavasana, put your sweater back on as you’ll cool down really quickly.

WF: Picking a pair of yoga tights has become like mission impossible thanks to a fantastic amount of variety, can you name the three key features we should be looking for in a good pair?


  1. Fabric. It has to be the most important feature of your leggings. We have spent years perfecting the blend of our legwear and you can really feel the difference. They’re quick drying, abrasion resistant, light weight and always maintain their stretch.
  2. Length. Find the leg length that works for you. I love the 7/8 length of our Midi Pants.
  3. Make sure the waist band works for your body (it shouldn’t cut into your sides) and that you’re buying the right size.

WF: We’re putting our hands up because we’re guilty, sometimes our activewear ends up in the clothes dryer (eek!). Is there any fabric we can get that won’t pill in the dryer?

JM: That’s a hard one. Worse than pilling, you’re killing the components in the lycra so it won’t last long. I’m a lycra nerd and I’ve been having this conversation well before starting my last company, Tigerlily.
It’s simple, if you put your lycra in the dryer, you will ruin it.

WF: Bright prints aren’t for everyone. How do we make a chic statement minus the loud patterns?

JM: Black on black on black on black. It’s a statement in itself (dependent on your mood of course). We love colour and we love prints but all the colours in the world won’t replace black.

WF: Where will we find you on International Yoga Day?

JM: I will be practicing with my best friend and favourite yogi, Lilly Barels, in Hawaii.

The perfect yoga picks for International Yoga Day:
  1. Etched Paisley Catsuit
  1. THE UPSIDE Issy Tank
  1. Ditsy Midi Pant
  1. Ditsy Zoe Crop
  1. Rimini Hoodie for the cool down