Sure, you have the same hours in a day as Queen Bey, but when you have zero energy to get through the day, how are you supposed to slay the world? Dr Verkerk gives us the answers.

‘Tired all the time” syndrome, or TATT, may sound like a made-up excuse to forget about #adultlife and curl into bed, but it’s real – and one of the most common reasons to see your doctor.

It’s a term health professionals refer to when the reasons for persistent fatigue (aka constant struggle street) are unclear – say, when you go to bed super early and still feel tired with no idea why.

Of course there are reasons for always feeling tired, like binge watching Stranger Things till the wee hours, and more seriously, underlying health issues – heart or kidney disease and type 2 diabetes – which is why it’s important to see a doctor if you’re concerned.

Dr Roberk Verkerk, scientist and NuZest formulator, says it’s also down to a number of little things that contribute to a bigger picture:

  • Stress (Relationship troubles? Rent overdue again?)
  • Poor diet (sorry, but that burger was essential)
  • Lack of exercise and relaxation (it’s all about balance)
  • Poor sleep quality (put down that phone before bed!)
  • Unhealthy habits (smoking and binge drinking are a no-go)

Whatever the cause, when life is a constant struggle, it really affects every facet of your day. Work productivity decreases, sticking to a healthy diet becomes more difficult (hello, chocolate cravings!), and by the time it hits the end of the day, a gym sesh is the last thing you’re wanting to do.

So how do we up our energy levels?

Dr Verkerk says you need to provide a nurturing environment for your body. This means eating well (drawing energy from quality, nutrient-filled meals), resting right, getting enough zzzz’s, and managing stress by implementing a number of strategies. If your routine is making you feel less than vital then it’s time to change the routine.

Sometimes our body can’t make the vitamins we need, so he also recommends supplementing nutrients with Thiamine (Vitamin B) for increased energy and whole body boosting. Could this be the key to Bey’s success? We’re hoping so.

Dr Verkerk admits that the exact reason behind an individual’s exhaustion can be difficult to diagnose so it’s important that we focus on making our lives less jam-packed. Reduce the commitments you can during the week, get into bed earlier, do something that’s just for you, don’t push yourself to do so many things on the weekend and allow yourself time to relax. You deserve it.