When Team WF turned up for a Konga by The Jungle Body workout, we were all quietly nervous about our booty-shakin’ skills. But it turns out, there’s a little bit of Beyonce inside everyone…

Born in Perth and now taking over the world, Konga is best described as dance fitness. It’s a cool mash-up of high-intensity cardio, dance, Pilates and boxing moves, all set to a hot soundtrack of new and old-school beats (hello, Beyonce, Drake, 50 Cent and friends). Sounds fun, yes, but for those of us who failed dance class as a kid, this kind of workout is kinda intimidating!

We confessed to our instructor, Jungle Body founder Tara Simich, that we thought we’d struggle to keep up with the steps, but she assured us we’d be sweet. And you know what? We all totally nailed it.

Thanks to simple choreography (which Tara demonstrated before each track started) we were able to keep up and give the moves a little swagger. That means more burn for your buck – the routines had us squatting low, punching hard and jumping high, with little time in between tracks to rest. It also hit EVERY body part, from arms to abs to legs. This is the kind of dance class you’ll love at the time and definitely feel later.

By the end of the 60-minute session we were sweaty, happy and, just quietly, pretty stoked with our new moves. See you on the dance floor!

Want to try it for yourself? Fine-tune your dance moves at home with the Konga DVD, available at Target and Big W or online at thekongadvd.com.