Peeling back the lid of your yoghurt and being greeted by a nasty-looking, watery liquid on top of the surface is always the cause of a severe crisis.

Do I tip it down the sink? Has the yoghurt gone bad? Do I close my eyes and stir in? Do I just abandon the yoghurt altogether?

Well, the answer is, do not pour it out unless you want to donate some serious nutrients to your drain.

The liquid that has settled on the surface of your yoghurt is actually whey, left behind after the curdling and straining of milk. It is mostly water, but contains nutrients like potassium, protein and calcium. It also makes the consistency of yoghurt creamier, which of course, is an absolute must!

The reason why you might see it separated like that is due to the handling and transit of the yoghurt where temperature isn’t kept consistent. Phew.

So, here’s our advice: simply stir away and forget the separation ever happened. Or shake your yogurt before opening it so it all blends in!

Words by Sophie Fisher.