We’re not sure about you, but here at WF, sweat is a part of our daily routine. On the hunt for the ultimate routine to keep our skin glowing once the sweat has dried, we went to skin expert Lucy Kuper, Biologi’s dermal therapist. Biologi is the world’s firsts single active ingredient serum, and it’s 100% active, 100% plant based, 100% organic and 100% effective and backed by science. Yuh-huh, it’s got the goods. Here’s her super skin tips:

Pre-workout and post-workout routines

“If possible it’s always best to work out with very little synthetics on the skin. If you’re training first thing in the morning avoid applying any moisturisers beforehand, if you’re training in the afternoon make sure that all your makeup has been removed. Synthetic ingredients on the skin lead to a higher risk of trapped oil, dirt and bacteria which can cause blockages and breakouts,” says Lucy. “After your workout, always cleanse your face to remove any sweat, oil and dirt. Apply a single ingredient serum to retain moisture and replenish the skin.”

The best products to use

“Ideally you will be using a product that provides hydration without being ‘oily’ or ‘heavy’ on the skin. Products with high levels of natural actives penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin and promote healthy cell growth and hydration,” Lucy explains.

Avoid fake hydrators 

“Avoid any products that give a false sense of hydration by creating a layer of oil on the surface of the skin that traps water beneath it. While they may provide short term relief, they aren’t actually addressing the issue and can cause irritation and blockages from the synthetic ingredients such as Lanolin and fatty alcohols like Cetyl and Cetearyl,” says Lucy.

Enzyme exfoliation

“Another important feature to look for are products that exfoliate the skin gently and are non-physical, like enzyme exfoliation. “Exfoliation promotes regular oil flow and a healthy cell turnover – meaning the skin will have an even texture and luminosity. Our Bd serum is a great example – the Tartaric acid found in the Davidson Plum helps to break down the protein bond that’s stopping your dead skin cells from dropping away – meaning no congestion and there’s only new, healthy cells at the surface level of your skin,” Lucy tells us.

Products that react negatively with sweat

“Avoid products that have wax and oil ingredients such as lanolin, paraffin and jojoba oil. These are fats and liquid waxes that will occlude the skin, meaning oil, dirt and make up can become trapped and breakouts/irritation can occur. Any silicones, such as Dimethicone, should also be avoided. Silicones are found in most primers and some foundations as they help ‘smooth’ the skin, in reality this creates congestion as all oils/bacteria/sweat become stuck in the skin,” Lucy explains.

“Alcohols should be also be avoided as they are all known skin irritants. If your skin is slightly irritated and you sweat whilst there is an alcohol in your skin, there’s a large chance your skin will react negatively and become even more inflamed,” says Lucy.

The ideal skin routine


  1. Cleanse
  2. Biologi serum of your choice
  3. SPF Sunscreen – everyday!
  4. Makeup (if desired)


  1. Double cleanse – always cleanse twice. “The first cleanse will remove all the products/oil/bacteria that have accumulated during the day and the second will actually penetrate deep into the skin,” Lucy explains.
  2. Exfoliate – we recommend 2-3 times per week. “It’s super important to exfoliate regularly as it will reduce breakouts and congestion,” says Lucy.
  3. Biologi serum of your choice