There are going to be days when no matter how many positive mantras you repeat, how many cups of coffee you consume and how much old school Destiny’s Child you listen to, you just can’t get in the workout spirit. Maybe it’s been a long day, perhaps it’s been a total comedy of errors or maybe you just lay awake for way too long last night doing that thing when you think about every mistake you’ve ever made in life. Whatever has happened, you probably aren’t feeling like a superhero right now.

We’re here to put a stop to that. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s a superhero workout and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh at some point.

The comic book inspired moves in this circuit can be done anywhere. Plus, there’s a mix of high and low impact moves to work your big muscles and get that highly sought after endorphin release (the perfect cure to an average day). Wonder Woman shuffles and Superman burpees will take you from zero to hero while Spiderman push ups will challenge your entire bod (seriously, they’re tough). So find your trusty sidekick and give this sesh a go.

Beginners: Go for 8 reps of each move. 3 rounds.

Intermediate: Go for 10 reps of each move. 3 rounds.

Advanced: Go for 15 reps of each move. 4 rounds.

We’re not saying we’re batman, we’re just saying that you’ve never seen us and batman in a room at the same time…