Has two weeks of binge-watching the Commonwealth Games inspired you to get up, get out, and get active? Head to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast or Fraser Island for the ultimate active holiday that will have you feeling like an athlete…

Try kayaking along the Noosa Everglades…

If you’ve never tried your hand at kayaking before, then why not learn from the best. Let former Australian champion slalom kayaker and white-water slalom paddler, Vivienne Golding teach you the best tips and tricks to become the very best kayaker you can be. Vivienne, who was once an elite athlete and still competes (and dominates) at the World Championships, has now settled on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and has opened Kanu Kapers.

Spend the day exploring the vast and serene Noosa Everglades. On a good day, the waters are so still they’ll mirror their surrounding flora. You can choose to have a guide join you along the way (recommended for beginners) or go solo on a self-guided tour. Vivienne and her team will have your kayak packed with a delicious and healthy brunch, which is best enjoyed at one of the stops along the Everglades banks. You’ll catch beautifully wild lilies and friendly local birds flying overhead throughout the windy Everglades.

Book: From $198, Kanu Kapers
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Refuel at: Headed by award-winning Chef, Peter Kuruvita,
Noosa Beach House, is a must

Try surfing at Rainbow Beach…

Surfing may not be a Commonwealth Games sport (yet), but it will finally become an Olympic sport at the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which means it’s popularity is likely to soar in the next couple of years, so why not get in on the fitness trend early.

There’s no better place to learn on the Sunshine Coast than Rainbow Beach. The Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf school, run by JD, also known as the self-proclaimed ‘Aussie Care Bear,’ is the only ASI Accredited Surf School so you’re in safe hands. After one lesson, you’ll find yourself standing up on the board, riding waves into the shore and throwing around shaka’s and JD’s signature saying ‘safe travels, big barrels’ like you grew up in Hawaii and could surf before you could walk.

Stunning views from the Carlo Sand Blow. Tourism and Events Queensland.

Book: From $33, Rainbow Beach Learn to Surf
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#wanderlust moment: Carlo Sand Blow, formed approximately 500,000 years ago, this giant sand blow is the result of a lightning strike. The unique ‘moonscape’ sand mass covers 15 hectares and offers stunning panoramic views of Rainbow Beach town and the coastline.

Try horseback riding on the Noosa North Shore…

Kilometres of secluded stretches of beach, check. Triple Olympian guide, check. Majestic horse, check. This experience ticks all the bucket list boxes for a dream riding experience. Let former pentathlete and owner of Equathon, Alex Watson, lead you on an experience tailored to your riding abilities. For beginners, the perfect way to get to know how to steer and ride a horse is with a walk along the sands of Noosa North Shore. It can take some time to build trust with a horse, and also let it know who’s in charge.

If you’re feeling confident, Alex will go on to teach you how to get the horse your riding into a trot, which is a bit faster, or a canter, which is faster and smoother than a trot, but slower than a gallop. If you’re a keen rider why not try one of Equathon’s new overnight tours, with the option to take your ride inland and explore the natural beauty of Noosa’s Great Sandy National Park.

Book: From $125, Equathon
#wanderlust moment: If you’re going to be travelling along the Noosa North Shore you might as well go off-road. Great Beach Drive 4WD Tours will take you all the way up to the very place dreamy Chris Hemsworth has once stood at Double Island Point Lighthouse, which even sans Chris is impressive thanks to the sweeping views that stretch down the rugged coast. You’ll also stop at the striking coloured sands and weave your way through pockets of the Great Sandy National Park.

Try paddle boarding at Lake McKenzie…

You’ll find Lake McKenzie on the world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island. And the only way to get to the lake is by 4WD. For the ultimate 4WD experience opt for a Hummer Tour, which will get you to the lake in comfort and style (and with lots of insta stops along the way).

Does it get any better this? Lake McKenzie is perfect for standing paddle boarders. Tourism and Events Queensland.

Lake McKenzie is brilliantly blue and equally transparent. What makes the water so pristine is that it contains only rainwater, no groundwater, and is not fed by streams and does not flow to the ocean. The sand at the bottom of the lake is white silica and acts as a filter giving the water its clarity.  As an added bonus the fine grains of sand will also gently exfoliate the skin. Win-win! Make sure you pack the paddle board, as the water is very still, which is perfect for first-timers.

Book: From $273, Fraser Experience Tours
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Refuel at: The menu at Seabelle Restaurant is inspired by the indigenous Butchulla Tribe.
#wanderlust moment: On the 4WD tour you’ll also stop at the island’s main attractions like Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Coloured Sands and 75 Mile Beach. If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, take a quick scenic flight in a light plane over the island with Air Fraser.