It’s hard to bail on a workout when you’ve got a friend depending on you and working out with a buddy makes the burn in your legs a little bit more bearable. These partner exercises are fun and a good way to add a bit of a competitive edge to your next session. Best of all, you can do this workout anywhere, all you need is a mate, boyfriend or girlfriend who is ready to get their sweat on.

Beginner: 3 rounds

Intermediate: 4 rounds

Advanced: 5 rounds (as fast as possible! Get out that stop watch)

Commando push ups

Keep your core tight throughout this movement and remember to squeeze your bottom to avoid your back dipping too much. This one can be a bit tricky at first (we had to do a few takes), so master getting up onto your hands and back down to your elbows before adding in the claps. Go for 10 reps.

Partner lunges

This one looks like you’re dancing but after a few repetitions your quads will be burning. Go for 10 reps on each leg before switching sides.

Plank hold burpee

Burpees are better done together. Or at least, that’s what we’re going with. While your partner is jumping, you’re holding a plank. It’s a two for one deal, a cardio challenge and a core workout in one. Just make sure you’re jumping higher than your partner. Go for 10 reps each.

Incline partner push up

Just like the wheel barrow races when you were a kid, this push up challenges your upper chest. Keep your core switched on and your head neutral through the movement. Go for 5 reps.

Push up shoulder touches

After each push up, alternate touching your partner’s opposite shoulder (that’s right hand to their right shoulder and vice versa). As if the push up wasn’t challenging enough, by lifting a hand after each rep you add an oblique challenge. Hello, ab burn!