Move over Miley. Mimi Belti and Sarah Bass are giving a whole new meaning to “working your butt off” with their #WERKIT exercise concept based on, you guessed it, twerking.

It may not have taken off quite as suddenly as fitness offerings like Barre, hot yoga and reformer pilates but the dance for exercise movement is gaining momentum with celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Hannah Bronfman and Rita Ora all admitting to hitting up a dance class to burn some kJs.

While you would be excused for thinking twerking was something that only happens in Rap music videos, Belti and Bass have put together a class that uses twerk-inspired moves to shape your legs and tush all set to dance-inducing tunes. Forgetting the burn in your thighs because you’re too focused on nailing the fierce moves? Where do we sign up?

What is it?

A typical Werkit class is a 60-minute long workout that will have you shaking, wiggling and twisting your way through 13-16 unique music tracks.  Each track is a unique dance fitness routine, which involves a combination of twerking, cardio moves, core strength, leg and butt toning exercises, and burlesque moves to test your stamina.

Is it just dancing?

There’s more to the class than just shaking your behind. Belti and Bass have put together a choreographed sequence that includes lunges, squats, core and upper body moves to give you a full body workout using high intensity interval training principles.

Do we need to be Beyonce to get involved?

Definitely not, classes are designed for absolute beginners, through to people with previous dance experience. You may feel like Beyonce after completing the class though.


At this stage the classes are only on offer on the Gold Coast so if you’re in the area, get down there and channel your inner hip-hop goddess.