Obsessed with wholefoodie and author Taline Gabrielian, founder of Hippie Lane? Us too. #thatinstagramfeed. Well, we’re also pretty dang inspired by this #girlboss and wanted to pick her brain on all things success, foodie philosophies, mama-hood, entrepreneurship and chasing dreams. She generously agreed to have a chat with us and share her wisdom – and shared all kinds of golden nuggets with us. Check it out.

What’s your foodie philosophy? 

“Eat well and eat mindfully. Limit processed food and refined sugars, reduce your reliance on animal products and choose foods that make you feel your best. Natural, unprocessed and from the earth is a great place to start. More plants and greens and less additives. Be careful not to be too hard on yourself, don’t get caught up on labelling your eating style with strict do’s and don’ts and be flexible about your choices. An unrestricted and gentle approach to food is your best strategy to making healthy a lifestyle.”

How do you approach wellness? 

“Through lots of trials, errors and successes, I have learnt that being strict or restrictive is counterproductive to living a well and balanced lifestyle. There are some activities and healthy habits that I think is really important if you wish to achieve wellness.

Choosing healthy when it comes to your daily diet – good proper nutrition through natural wholefoods – unrefined, unprocessed and whole.

Daily activity, whether that is a short run, swim, walk or resistance training. Indulge in what you love more often. Some personal favourites include music therapy (my necessity), time with friends and family, regular vacations, rest (decent sleep) and wellness therapy (i.e. meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture).

If I’m feeling run down or struggling to find balance, I remind myself of these basics and find my rhythm once I’ve indulged in some of the above.”

What does a day on a plate look like for you? 

“I’ll usually have a smoothie bowl with lots of toppings for breakfast, followed by some flax crackers with dips as a snack before lunch. For lunch, I’m always up for a beautiful warm salad – a nourish bowl has to be my go to. I’m usually content and satisfied for the rest of the afternoon, and have a light dinner – a pesto zoodle dish or a roasted veg stack (my eggplant parmigiana is my weakness). I love a good chai tea, a matcha latte and lots of water for drinks through the day.”

Do you have a fave food? 

“I’m pretty simple. Baked sweet potato chips and an avocado guac can make me really happy.”

How do you juggle mamahood and entrepreneurship?

“I’m not going to deny that it’s challenging! There’s a lot to manage. You need to be super organised and have a good support network. A passion and love for what I do definitely keeps the juggling act manageable. In an ideal world, I would work during the school hours, and sometimes it works. When it gets crazy busy, I often find I need extra hours in my day to complete tasks. I’m super grateful for my husband and family who helps with the kids when I am drowned with deadlines and work responsibilities. Simplifying, hiring help and being gentle on yourself all help in managing the load. My to-do list is my best friend – it keeps me calm and sorted through the chaos as I navigate my way through the growing responsibilities.   A gentle attitude to life and life’s responsibilities keeps things in perspective and makes it all worthwhile. Self-care is what ties it all together. I can’t be any good as a mother and in business if I’m not looking after myself. I make the effort to keep active and to schedule in things for me, like a divine massage, yoga and just me-time in general. It’s what keeps me grounded and gives me the capacity to function at my best.”

How did you get your gorgeous little kiddies excited by healthy food (other than making it total a visual feast)?

“Children are a product of their environment. If they see you embracing healthy habits, they’ll follow suite. I’ve never fussed over separate food options for kids and adults. From a young age, I fed my children what we ate and they took to it. I try to make it fun for them. When we make smoothies, we talk about fun ‘colours’ for different flavours. I try to make the food look appealing for them by creating patterns with their favourite fruits on the breakfast bowls. Weekly trips to the farmers markets, buying directly from the growers and a general education on food was vital for me, in getting my children to appreciate food. An understanding and a whole perspective of what it takes to get our food on the table is key in assisting children in developing a positive attitude to whole and sustainable lifestyle.”

The Hippie Lane app and your cookbooks are massive success, congratulations! Do you have any advice for women wanting to chase their dreams, but they’re not sure where to start? 

“Follow your passion. Hone in on your skills, understand what your purpose is – what you’d like to achieve in the industry and how you will be adding value to the industry. Once you understand your core skills and mission, set goals and commit to reaching them, one small step at a time. In the process, read widely, study, learn from your inspirations and keep positive, it takes dedication and commitment to achieve your goals, and it takes time! Be patient and good luck.”