With modern culture speeding up by the second, it’s increasingly important to start slowing down and switching off more often. In today’s endlessly connected world it has become increasingly difficult to find those pockets of ‘me time’. When was the last time you honestly took some time out for yourself? Treated yourself to some solo wine and bath time? Took yourself on a date? Booked a self-indulgent retreat?

A little holiday away from home that involves nothing but treating yourself, basking in solitude, learning to meditate and gratitude journaling for the year ahead – how good does that sound?

Here’s why you should sign up for the next retreat that comes your way.


How many times have you checked your phone today? Worried about the kids? Spent time worrying about what other people were doing? If you said yes to all of these, we are telling you now: You. Need. A. Break.

Couples therapist Isiah McKimmie recently travelled to a retreat in India to indulge in some much needed time to herself and says: “I think sometimes, as we rush about in life, we can forget what’s important – to be happy. I knew I needed a break to disconnect from everything I was doing and work and focus on refreshing myself. I can be of greater service to my clients and the other people around me when my cup is full.”


As much as poolside flopping is another peachy way to schedule out some ‘me time’, Isiah knew that she “would get more out of going on a ‘spiritual holiday’ than just hanging out somewhere beautiful. Meditation for me is more deeply relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind, body and soul than just hanging out poolside. I really wanted to nourish my soul on a deeper level.”


Retreats are the building blocks for you to develop a kick-ass routine and take it back to infuse into your daily grind. Isiah felt that “it was a great reminder to continue to take time out for myself on a regular basis and keep up my daily meditation practice as I feel more content and happy when I do.”

Jemimah Ashleigh also felt the benefits of taking time out for a ‘me time’ retreat and has taken all the zen back home. “Since returning, I am meditating daily for 20 minutes. I am also doing gratitude journaling, exercising more and eating cleaner foods and meals.” Sounds amazing to us! According to experts, practicing solitude daily can also help you bring back a huge sense of gratitude into your life. Hello, significant other, I missed you! And spending time with a whole-hearted, like-minded community? That can give you that motivation you have needed to implement these self-lovin’ practices back into your daily ritual.


Green smoothies and meditation with a bunch of awesome new friends who are there for the same reasons? Yes, please! Jemimah felt that through the turbulence of 2017 she needed some realigning: “I wanted to connect with myself again, and I knew that a retreat was going to give me the ability to meet badass women who were on the same journey. I am now regularly in touch with the amazing women that I met on my retreat!” Gal pals 4 eva.

Still feeling unsure?

Jemimah suggests that you need to “look out for the retreats and choose one that speaks to your soul. Make the decision that you are ready for a break and some self-care. When you give yourself time and space to rejuvenate away from all the noise of daily life, you come back with fresh new energy and perspective that filters into everything you do.”