Hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast, Ellie-Jean Coffey is a rising surf star as well as an Instagram sensation. Aside from rocking a ‘kini like a pro, Coffey loves to stay active and works hard to keep on top of her surf-game. At only 20-years-old, Coffey is moving up the ranks in the women’s World Qualifying Surf series and with her eyes on the prize, is shaping to become a real threat for the top spot. We spoke to Coffey about what she does when she’s not in the ocean and her routine sounds pretty luxe.

Apart from spending time in the surf, what do you like to do to get your heart rate racing?
I love adventuring up and down the East Coast of Australia, exploring new places, and making new friends. I do a lot of photo shoots and surf trips with Billabong and SurfStitch which means I get to explore places I maybe wouldn’t usually, and I always have the best time and come home with amazing memories.

What does your perfect Saturday look like?
My perfect Saturday, I’ll wake up when the surf’s not too crowded, and surf for long hours with my family and friends. That followed by eating yummy foods, and relaxing with an evening cocktail makes the perfect day off!

At the end of a long, hot day, what would we find you snacking on?
We always have fresh fruit in our fridge which is cut up and ready to go! Usually it’s pineapple, watermelon, and rock melon, so I love to snack on those – delicious and healthy.

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How do you unwind? With a busy schedule, it must be hard to prioritise me-time…
My life can be really hectic sometimes with all the travelling, competing, and socialising. I love to settle into a good book and disconnect from reality for a while. I also love a good TV series, I always get so addicted to characters and shows! I think it’s important to make time for me, and in doing so, I can completely switch off and relax.

You’re a fruit lover but if we asked you to narrow it down to one, what’s your favourite summer fruit?
Pineapple! Also mangoes are so delicious too.

Tell us how you keep your svelte physique, does it all come down to surfing?
I’d like to think that surfing is enough fitness, but with this year’s competitions almost starting up again, I really need an extra level of fitness so I’m at the gym 3 times a week with my personal trainer.

Photo credit: SurfStitch