Make a reservation at your local Italian joint, pronto, because this just in: Pasta won’t derail your weight-loss plans. According to a study published in Nutrition & Diabetes, while many people view pasta as a one-way ticket to weight gain, it actually does the opposite.

Researchers found that people who indulge in pasta on the reg have a healthier BMI and lower waist circumference than those who ban it from their plates. Known for its brain- and body-boosting effects, the Mediterranean diet (of which pasta is a key component) has been a favourite among doctors and nutritionists for yonks.

But don’t take this as your cue to load up carbonara every night this week. The experts note that moderation is key (of course), so enjoy your spaghetti as part of a nourishing menu of nuts and seeds, fish, dairy and wholegrains.

Feel like making a healthy pasta dish for dins tonight? Try this aglio e olio pasta by nutritionist Lola Berry.

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