Ever woken up at some ridiculous hour of the morning to exercise and had zero energy/motivation to do anything? Well, your AM caffeine kick could be your new wakeup call.

According to a study by physiology professor Bruno Gualano at the University of Sao Paulo, there is a legit scientific link between caffeine and higher performance workouts.

Reported by The Cut, Gualano gave competitive male cyclists a workout goal of burning 450 calories – some were given a placebo, some had nothing and the remaining consumed a 400-milligram caffeine pill (equivalent to four strong brews).

Those who had taken caffeine had 3.3 per cent faster pedal power than those without (plus, participants with a placebo were 2.2 per cent faster). Oh, and that increase was the same with coffee-lover cyclists AND those who rarely drank it.

More research (published in the Journal of Applied Physiology) has found that drinking coffee pre-workout can make exercising more enjoyable. The same researchers also looked at how caffeine affects eating habits throughout the day and found that participants ate 72 calories less than those with a placebo.

So basically, caffeine before a sweat sesh seems to a) make you faster, b) make it more enjoyable and c) make you eat less. This is the workout hack of our dreams!

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