Have you ever felt like turning on some Destiny’s Child mid-afternoon and busting a move in the middle of your office? Have you ever thought that dancing home would be better than walking? Ever pulled an MC Hammer on public transport?

There’s no doubt, the world would be a better place if it consisted of more spontaneous dancing and that’s exactly what the new Dance Break app is aiming to increase.

Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett are the masterminds behind No Lights No Lycra, a global dance community with over 65 locations that encourages unreserved self-expression, freedom and joy through dancing. The Dance Break app is the brainchild of the NLNL duo who wanted to offer their “dance like nobody is watching” concept to more people.

By overriding your phone and playing an energizing track at a different time everyday, the app keeps you on your toes and encourages users to shimmy, shake and drop it low spontaneously. It’s only right to dance when you hear random music in public places. Not doing so would be frowned upon. As well as releasing happy, dance-induced endorphins, the application encourages you to stand up and get moving, something that those with desk jobs can certainly use more of.

Once the track is over, the app shows you a map that reveals the location and number of people who joined you in joyful, impulsive dance. The app guarantees happiness and the more people you can coax into joining in, the better. In the words of Austrian writer, Vicki Baum, “there are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.”

The app has been developed with funding from Vic Health’s Innovation Challenge which supports creative initiatives that get people moving more often and will be available through the App store and Google Play on November 26, 2015.

NLNL DANCE BREAK APP from No Lights No Lycra on Vimeo.