This month we’re challenging you to a 30 day ab challenge with our resident Pilates expert, Steph Prem, calling the shots. Week one was just a warm up and now we’re ready to ramp things up a bit.

Steph calls this one “Skateboard abs” and it’s harder than it looks!

For this workout you’ll need:

A skateboard

A yoga mat

A pair of runners

Who would have thought that the old skateboard you had lying around could be used in a killer core workout? These moves will work all those important supportive muscles through your mid-section. If you haven’t got a skateboard handy, use an exercise ball for these moves instead. Follow along as Steph talks you through each exercise step by step.

Your challenge this week is to get through this session twice. On your off days, get to plank holding! Go for three holds of 30 seconds and make sure to keep that core switched on.

How are you going with our 30 day ab challenge? Take a snap and tag us on Instagram @womensfitnessmag so we can check out your progress.