Here’s a good reason to switch off Netflix one or two eps earlier this week.

Apart from making us really cranky in the morning, getting to sleep later than usual is also messing with our health and fitness. A study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine has found that a later bedtime is associated with choosing nutrient-lacking, takeaway food and skipped gym sessions.

Researchers looked at a group of 96 adults aged 18-50 who regularly got a minimum of 6.5 hours of shuteye. The participants were monitored closely during sleep and waking hours. The quality and duration of their sleep was tracked as well as their physical activity and caloric intake.

The results showed that participants who got to sleep later were making poorer health choices with a higher consumption of fast food and a lower consumption of vegetables. Those who had a late night also got less physical activity than those who took an earlier bedtime.

While sleeping later didn’t actually increase those participants’ BMI or daily caloric intake, it did lead to poorer food choices which researchers identify as a risk factor for weight gain and negative health outcomes.

The verdict? Try to keep your sleep time roughly the same every night. We all know that feeling after a late night when adulting becomes a whole lot harder and we feel like we need coffee delivered through an IV. Plus, making it to your workout is a lot easier when you’re well rested.