Winter’s been and gone. Know what that means? Well, yeah, Calippo fever is just around the corner, but it’s also time to lay off those heavy moisturising creams, woody fragrances and oily hair treatments. Why? Because just like your wardrobe, your skincare and haircare routines need to change with the seasons. Lucky for you, we’ve got your spring beauty saviours right here:

The moisturiser

Thanks to frigid winds, frosty temps and artificial heating, winter often calls for thick, emollient balms that protect your skin’s natural barrier and keep your dermis plump. Go OTT with the lotion on a balmy spring day, though, and you could be headed straight for an oil spill and unwanted congestion. Shelve your super-hydrating lotions for next winter and buddy up to a non-greasy formula instead, like The Clinic’s Moisturiser.

The primer

When the nights get longer, reach for a primer to keep your make-up in line. Hot weather can cause foundation and shadows to slip and slide, but if you apply a primer like the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer over your skin, you’ll diffuse your pores, blur imperfections and extend your make-up’s lifespan.

The body scrub

Be honest – did you moisturise this winter? Uh-huh, so why are you legs looking all scaly? It’s okay, we’ve all been there, but if you want a set of beach-ready pins, you’d best be making friends with a body scrub this spring. We love the Blaq Body Scrub and its mix of sea salt, molasses and charcoal.

The hair perfume

Velvety, heady scents are perfect for the dreary days of winter, but floral and citrus ‘fumes should be your go-to in the warm weather. Give your parfum a break and opt for soft perfumes or hair perfumes, like the Salt by Hendrix Flowers in Your Hair in Rose, for a subtle hit of fragrance.

The colour corrector

Spring = sunshine, and if you want that exxy hair colour to go the distance, buddy up to a protective shampoo, ASAP. If you’re sporting blonde locks, the Pure Hair Food Tone Your Hair Blonde Shampoo has you covered, while the Grown Alchemist Colour Protect 0.3 Shampoo and Conditioner will enhance any hue.

The inner boost

Okay, so this isn’t something you put on your bod, but rather something you do for your insides. As well as cleaning up your diet (that’s ditching refined sugars and processed or fatty foods, FYI), moving more and getting zen, why not treat yourself to a soup cleanse like the one from Mr Perkins? Unlike traditional juice cleanses, the soups are loaded with fibre (which helps keep you full), low in sugar and high in vitamins and nutrients (which help clear your skin, strengthen your locks and increase your energy levels), so you can be your best self come summertime. Oh, and did we mention they taste pretty great, too?