We’ll be the first to say we don’t mind a lil birthday shindig. And we know you like to be first to know about all things fitness-footwear. So this gem right here – worth knowing about.

Whip out your best cupcake recipe coz our dearly beloved Nike Air Zoom has just turned 35! Say what, they’ve been cutting laps for thirty-five whole years? Yep! And to celebrate they’ve launched the release of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 in women’s sizing and an Elemental Rose colour way – cayuuute!

We know you don’t need any more motivation to grab yourself a pair of these sweet kicks, but we’ve outlined a few reasons (excuses for your credit card):

  1. Avoid injury – Many experts suggest that you should switch shoes every 500 km to avoid injury. Most running apps allow you to track your kms tread in your sneakers, so take a squiz and you might just avoid a painful injury and exxy medical bills seeing a physio or podiatrist.
  2. No tread – Gurl if there’s no tread left on the sole of your shoe…need we say more? Slipping over on wet slippery surfaces as you run past that hottie in the coffee shop is not only embarrassing but it could end your running career.
  3. Fashun, hello? We don’t really need to remind you about that one *shoves another box of sneakers into the wardrobe*.
  4. Evidence – 10/10* runners say new shoes make them run faster

*Totally unfounded claim but according to us here at WF HQ it’s true.

So there you have it, the latest must-know news.