To complement her running, our WF reader ambassador, Bec Tippett, took up KX Pilates – here’s how it worked for her.

“A year ago, the whole concept of Pilates was very foreign to me. I had no idea what type of exercise it was, how it could change your body or even that there are different types. However, thanks to social media and word-of-mouth, I found out about this fast-growing popular exercise that people seemed to be absolutely loving. It wasn’t until my running coach suggested that KX Pilates would improve my training that I decided to give it a go. He told me that doing regular classes at the KX Pilates Balmain studio would help strengthen and stabilise my hips and core would improve my running. I was sold.

On my first class I was shown around the studio, how to use the machine and how the class runs. When we started, I felt a bit uncoordinated and unsteady – the person next to me probably thought I had a staring problem, but I was watching her the whole time to copy her technique! Thankfully, the instructors always know who is a beginner in the class (not that it wasn’t already obvious!) and help you to make sure you get the most out of the session.

After 15 Pilates classes over a month, my running has definitely improved – my joints and hips have become more mobile and flexible, and my muscles feel leaner and more controlled. Running puts a lot of pressure on my joints, so I found that reformer Pilates is such a good complimentary exercise to help strengthen the muscles I use to run, without putting more stress on my knees and ankles. It really is a whole body workout which I’ve hugely benefitted from.

Before I started, I was warned I’d get addicted to reformer and I totally have. I could not recommend KX Pilates more. You can expect high intensity and all-over toning (every single muscle in your body is either working or burning!). Each class is different and so much fun – go try it for yourself!”

Check out KX Pilates by clicking here.

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