Whether you’re partied out and need a boost or simply feeling a little flat, here’s how to supercharge your system– pronto!

Getting yourself back to feeling fresh doesn’t have to involve restrictive diets and deprivation– factoring some savvy diet tips and lifestyle tweaks into your day can be an easy way to give your insides a spring clean and make you feel your best ever. Get started with our round-the-clock guide to feeling fab from morning to night.

7am Kick start your liver

When you’re feeling a bit like death warmed up, sipping on a cup of hot water and lemon before breakfast is the perfect way to set a healthy tone for the day ahead. ‘The combination encourages your liver to detox more efficiently and stimulates gastric juices which help digestion,’ explains nutritionist, Christina Martin.

8am Practice Yoga

Roll out your yoga mat for some early morning Zen time. ‘Practice yoga postures such as downward dog and cat pose first thing awakens your digestive system, keeping your bowels healthy,’ says Champneys fitness director, Louise Day.

8:30am Eat a hearty breakfast

Experts at the University of Missouri have found that high-protein breakfast takes the edge off your appetite for the rest of the day, so munch on poached eggs with seeded toast to fuel up first thing.

10am Take a spoonful of coconut oil

If radiant skin and improved vitality are on your wish list (yes please!), coconut oil could be the answer to your prayers.

11am Drink up

Feeling sluggish after burning the candle at both ends? A green juice is the perfect post-party detox to prime you with all-cleansing, restorative antioxidants. ‘Green vegetables will help your system get rid of accumulated toxins,’ explains Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder of Nosh detox. ‘Blend half an avocado with a handful of spinach, watercress, a chunk of cucumber and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper and drink every morning for a few days.’

12pm Get active

Exercise is just what the body needs after a month or two of over indulgence and when it comes to working out, short and sweet is the way to go. ‘Your lunch hour is the perfect opportunity to get a workout in the bag. Go for a run or a brisk walk and you’ll be more likely to have a healthy lunch,’ says PT Scott Laidler.

1pm Have a souper lunch

If getting your five a day is becoming a bit of a chore, ring the changes with a bowl of warming soup. Boil a selection of your favourite veggies, add some beans or lentils, a stock cube and sprinkle some herbs in there. Voila– a lunch that’s low in calories and high in cleansing nutrients.

2pm Enjoy an energising brew

There’s no denying that work, countless obligations and the daily grind in general can zap energy levels. ‘Matcha tea is well known for its energising and detoxifying properties,’ says Lepicol’s nutritional therapist Natalie Lamb.

3pm Snack smart

A 3pm snack will help curb the endless barrage of temptation that comes with busy afternoons. Nibble on a few nuts (the good omega-3 fats will fill you up) and a chopped apple to nix a sweet tooth.

5pm Detox your mind

Take the stress out of your commute with some chill out tunes. Download a relaxing playlist or CD of the sounds of nature onto your smartphone and pop on your headphones for some travel downtime.

7pm Make a healthy supper 

Don’t let the day’s virtuous efforts go to waste in the evening. Whip up a super-detoxifying meal such as grilled salmon with steamed spinach, broccoli and kale to boost your liver’s cleansing powers.

8:30pm Soak in the tub

Run a hot bath with detoxifying essential oils to help unwind from the day’s activities. ‘Pour a cup of sea salt into your bath and add five drops of lavender, geranium and fennel oils,’ advises aromatherapist Joannah Metcalfe.

10pm Lights out

Make up for lost slumber to restore a sallow complexion and keep weight-loss hormones on track. Aim for eight-hours’ sleep to start the next day on the right foot.