Where do high performance and high fashion meet? In 2XU’s new collab collection with Kayne West himself.

If you’ve been wondering why Kimmy K is getting around in head-to-toe activewear as of late, you’d better believe Kanye is behind it. His wifey has given the world a first-look at the collaboration for YEEZY season 7, showing off the bold new designs on her Instagram page.   

Jamie Hunt, co-founder and director of product development for Aussie activewear brand 2XU, tells us: “Since 2XU launched in 2005 our focus has been delivering the world’s most technically advanced sportswear. :This was the first time we’d thought about dipping our toe into high fashion, but it’s been a really exciting opportunity to lend our high-performance expertise to the world of fashion. At 2XU we don’t just believe a garment should look good, it should perform well too and that’s where we come in. Our fabric development team is the strongest in the world. It starts with material engineers and scientists. From there, we have input from elite athletes regarding their needs and ask their suggestions for improvement. If the competition tries to copy us, we’re already on to the next thing because improvement is a continuous process. Every year, we develop 20 to 30 fabrics for various athletic applications. We’re confident we have the best performance fabrics in the market.”

Basically? You’re going to feel more than badass wearing this range.  Stay tuned to 2XU’s social media, where they will shortly announce the limited availability of an exclusive selection of YEEZY 2XU apparel at select 2XU stores.