We bet you’ve never looked at a wall and thought, “I could get a great workout using that wall”. Well, we are about to how to use one to your fitness advantage. There are a tonne of challenging exercises that you can do with a wall. In fact, this sesh will work your entire bod and you don’t need any equipment at all.

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Wall plank hold

This move is tougher than your usual plank. Place your hands just outside shoulder width and walk your feet up the wall behind you until they are slightly above the height of your shoulders. Keep your spine neutral by crunching through your abs and pulling your belly button up towards your spine. Press evenly through your hands and don’t forget to breathe deeply!

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Wall supported split squat

Rest your toe against the wall behind you and put your hands on your hips for stability. Find where is comfortable for you but you want your grounded foot to be around 80cm-1m way from the wall so that you can get a full range of motion. Keep your weight through your front heel as you drop down into a lunge. Squeeze the glute muscle of your back leg to keep your hips square. Take this move slowly, ensuring that the knee of your front foot is tracking out over your toe throughout.

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Wall hold

Work your quads with a static wall hold. This move is a lot more effective if you make a 90 degree angle with your legs, that means getting your bottom a little bit further down the wall so that your legs take more of the weight. As you hold, push your knees outwards while keeping your weight evenly distributed through your foot.

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Single leg wall pike

This weight bearing move works you back, shoulders and core. Start with your hands just outside of shoulder width. Kick your feet back to the wall behind you and walk them up until they are supported above body height. Inch your hands closer to the wall to make the hold harder. Once you feel stable, kick one leg off of the wall and stretch it up to the sky. Hold here before switching sides.

The workout:

Beginner: 30 second plank hold, 10 lunges each side, 30 second wall hold, 15 second wall pike each leg. 3 rounds.

Intermediate: 30 second plank hold, 15 lunges each side, 30 second wall hold, 30 second wall pike each leg. 3 rounds.

Advanced: 60 second plank hold, 15 lunges each side, 60 second wall hold, 30 second wall pike each leg. 4 rounds.