Not that we needed any further excuse to jump into our yoga getup…then Fernwood Fitness declares today is National Day of Yoga. So, pull on your activewear and get upside down with the celebration.

Here are four ways you can get your zen on today and channel your inner Amanda Bisk:

  1. Throw a happy move – take a leaf out of Samantha Belyea’s bend book and strike one of her favourite happiness boosting poses. 
  2. Got a hot date tonight? Bravo, girl! But don’t let your date night get in the way of your yogi sesh. Calm your pre-date farm with Lola Berry’s quick stretch.
  3. Take a yoga class for a cause. Pop into your local Fernwood Fitness centre today where all class proceeds will be donated to the Fernwood Foundation, to support Aussie women with ​depression​ ​and​ ​anxiety.
  4. Don’t want to stop celebrating at the end of the day? How ‘bout a month of unlimited yoga sessions? Spoil yourself without damaging your savings account by snagging yourself a Groupon deal like Unlimited Yoga Classes for $39 at Skintopia Yoga. Go on – treat yourself.

Finally, take a big deep breath in…aaaaaand exhale. Yep, that’s #yoga, too. We leave you to reflect on all things good and bendy and celebrate National Day of Yoga with some serious zen.