From tennis players in the fifth set to students hoping to ace an exam, there have been countless studies that show when we speak to ourselves positively, we’re more likely to achieve our goals. The practice of positive self-talk can help us like ourselves and our bodies more but it doesn’t necessarily require you to talk to your reflection in the mirror nor do you have to walk around repeating a sentence aloud to yourself all day. Increasing positive self-talk is as a easy as writing down a few positive mantras and repeating one, internally throughout a day.

Positive mantras haven’t only been found beneficial for sports psychology, they’ve also been shown to lower stress, improve overall health and make us better at coping. Here are a few of our favourite positive statements that you could keep on your wall at work, in your wallet or simply, in your head.

  1. I am brave and capable and at peace.
  2. Delays aren’t road blocks, they’re all a part of my journey, I’m exactly where I need to be.
  3. I am uniquely me and I am enough.
  4. I have so much strength inside me, all I need to do is allow it to come out.
  5. I have everything within me to be happy and free and at peace.
  6. I do all things with kindness.
  7. May my day be full of brilliance and opportunity.
  8. I am perfect just as I am. I am exactly who I’m meant to be.
  9. I have overcome so many challenges and I am stronger for it.
  10. I will put out an energy that will change the course of the day.
  11. I am ready, I am powerful and I am fierce.

Some studies have shown that removing “I” and placing your own name or “you” can make these mantras even more powerful by supporting positive self-talk.

Use a positive mantra on tough days or simply, spend a few moments on your commute to work, quietly at your desk or while you eat breakfast to repeat some positive words while focusing on a long inhale and exhale.