There are a LOT of make up brushes out there and it can be overwhelming to know what (and how many) you actually need in your beauty kit. Read on for the brushes you need to blend, buff and highlight your way to a flawless complexion.

Foundation brush

This brush has flat, dense bristles so that you can get a smooth finish with a cream foundation. Get yours here.

Skin perfecting brush

You’ll get an airbrushed effect after using this brush with a BB cream (or foundation for a heavier finish). With angled bristles, you can apply the product in circular buffing motions. Get yours here.

Sheer powder brush

You can use this fuller brush for dusting on loose or setting powder to your face. Get yours here.

Full powder brush

A large, dense full powder brush is best with pressed powders for a matte makeup look. Get yours here.

Concealer brush

Use the smaller, more precise brush to dab concealer onto any spots, and use the wider, rounder brush to smooth and blend into your base. Get yours here.

Bronzing brush

Using either bronzing powder or cream, you can score a sun-kissed glow with this brush. Our tip? Trace the number 3 on both sides of face, starting at the top of forehead, across the hollow of cheeks and across the jawline. Get yours here.

Stippling brush

Whether you’re using foundation, blush or highlighters, you can expect a flawless face with the stipple brush. Lightly dab the bristles into the product and tap onto your face. With its two-toned bristles, a stippling brush is great for people with acne scars because it leaves a smooth finish. Get yours here.

Eye makeup brushes

There are a lot of eye brushes out there so its handy to get brushes with multiple heads, like this Eco Tools set.

Smudge: Use this brush to smudge your eyeliner and create a smoky look.

Blend: Blend your eye shadow for a smoother finish.

Shade: Sweep a solid colour over your lids for a more intense look.

Define: This angled brush head is great for creating cleaner, finer liners with a cream or gel liner or eye shadow.