It would be fair to say that here at WF HQ, we’re keen beans when it comes to our workout wardrobe. Sure we might have one too many pairs of leggings, but can a girl really have too many leggings? We would argue the case for anything that  keeps you motivated to hit the pavement, pool or gym being a good thing even IF our bank balance as other ideas.

So, when we heard that our pal over at Stylerunner (activewear-junky paradise), Julie Stevanja was launching her own workout label, you can imagine the dilemma when our electricity bill and car rego were due on the same day…le sigh, something’s gotta give, right? A girl’s gotta train…?

Enter, FLIGHTMODE. The collection is one of a kind, loaded with bold AF cuts and feminine graphic prints with an ethos designed to embolden your inner aviator and help you take flight in your peak workout zone.

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With insta-fit-celebs like Ellie Gonsalves and sisters Alyna and Jes from HealthySizeYou sporting the brand, Stevanja is thankful for the role social media has played in the growth of her business. We chatted to her about how social media has been a driving force behind her success and why #fitspiration on social media should be used as our secret superpower #fitgoals et al.

Right off the bat, Stevanja acknowledges the multifaceted nature of social media (you may pipe down trolls). What Stevanja respects: the value of training with a pal to keep you motivated even if you’re only pals on le socials. “Having a virtual fitness buddy, someone who you can connect with over social media is almost as good as having someone physically with you at the gym,” she says.

Stevanja is on the money, we all need a lil support and cajoling on our fitness journey and having pals online that help get you out of bed each morning when you would prefer a few extra zzz’s is just one of the many perks. She says it’s all about having that digi-BFF holding you accountable, someone who isn’t going to let you get away with lame excuses. “It feels great to give and receive support along the fitness journey and it’s kept me accountable when I want to hit snooze.”

One of Stevanja’s very fave digi-BFF’s is of course, Insta-babe Ellie Gonsalves who is the star of the FLIGHTMODE campaign, who Stevanja says she wanted to collaborate with because “she personifies exactly what it means to inspire her community through fitness.”


Outside of following fit babes, Stevanja is a huge fan of how social media is increasingly playing a positive role in advocating for change and diversity in the community, “I think going forward the platforms will continue to be critical in sharing positive change like marriage equality and religious tolerance,” she muses. “For our industry, this means greater encouragement and appreciation of fitness at any size.” And supporting diversity in women’s body types and sizes is reflected in the colourful collection that encompasses sizes 6 through to 18.

But of course, a dalliance in the digital realm is not without its limitations, Stevanja acknowledges that from time to time we all “need to take a few days break whenever it gets overwhelming” and Stevanja recommends “connecting with nature and meditation” to get back to your core.

So, what are you waiting for, go grab yo’self some FLIGHTMODE and get out in nature girlfriend!