Counting down the days till Easter so you can eat your weight in chocolate with a guilty-free conscience? Giving into temptation is way too easy for those four glorious days, and it can often take a while to get back on track with eating healthily. Online lifestyle tool Voome did a recent survey and found that 51 per cent of respondents take one to three weeks to get back to their usual habits after the Easter binge!

Now, we’re not saying to give up chocolate altogether (that’s just madness), but you can still make healthier choices. Voome’s team of fitness and nutrition did the hard work for us and broke down popular treats – which ones have the lowest calorie count and how much exercise will help you burn them off.

Amelia Phillips, fitness and nutrition expert and co-founder of Voome, offered up this advice: “Go for quality over quantity – choose a smaller chocolate that you’re really going to love, rather than eating lots of ‘okay’ chocolate just because it’s there.”

When choosing your treat, Amelia advises going for the good-quality chocolate (70% or higher). It’s got loads of health benefits, plus it tastes pretty good too.

Here are the stats on a few popular Easter choccies…

A Red Tulip Easter Rabbit (200g) would require 294 minutes of walking or 126 minutes of running to negate the effects, and a small Lindt Bunny Dark (100g) has similar stats, with 147 minutes of walking or 63 minutes of running.

The Easter egg with the lowest calorie count is the Cadbury Crème Egg (39g), probs cos it’s so tiny. To burn just one of those off you’d need to walk for 49 minutes or run for 21 minutes.

Take a look at the graph below. Really puts things into perspective, huh?

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