The weather is warming up and spring is around the corner, so we reckon that’s as good excuse as any to update your gym kit. Here’s a few of the goodies we’ll be adding to our bags…

Flash new tights

We can’t get enough of that coral colour pop!
New Balance Printed Impact Premium tights, $100,

product photo shoot Camera Angles include: 40.Left 3Q,41.Back

Luxe gym towel

Say hey to your new best gym buddy.
Tomboy Sport Rookie towel, $29,

IMGP0299 (1)

Fresh wipes

Stash these to stay fresh on the go.
Vagisil Fresh Plus Intimate Wipes, $5.99,


Hair smoother

A sweet detangling brush for your post-sweat mane.
Lady Jayne Tanglepro Detangle Brush, $19.95,

Lady Jayne TanglePro_BD

Wash in a bottle

This dry shampoo is a lifesaver when you don’t have time to lather up!
De Lorenzo Absorb Dry Shampoo, $19.90,

et_Absorb (1)

Cardio fix

Got a skipping rope? Then you’ve got a workout!
Nike Speed 2.0 Jump Rope, $29.99,

Nike jump rope