We’re not all lucky enough to be #blessed with Cara’s heavenly brows, but the good news is we’ve got some red-hot, brow-based info for you – this is the stuff dreams are made of.

Let’s be honest, great eyebrows were basically the reason Cady was accepted into The Plastics right? And that’s saying something.

We chatted with all-round brow expert and gal boss Lana Tarek to get the down-low on all your brow needs.


When it comes to brows, it’s not a one size fits all feat. “Taking into consideration the current symmetry and dimensions of the face is really important when applying the perfect brow shape,” says Lana. “The golden ratio is found in all things beautiful such as art, nature, architecture – and you! This tool helps us determine where your brow should begin, where the arch should sit, and where the brow should end.” Want in on the action? Hold a pencil straight up from the outside edge of your nose to the inner corner of your eye, when it hits your brow, that’s where it should begin. Keeping the base of the pencil at the corner of your nose, move it along to the other side of the eye and boom, you’ve got your endpoint. Getting your brow shape in line with your face can take your makeup game from an average four to a solid 10 in no time.


Keen for that Cara Delevingne vibe but not sure where to begin? Unfortunately, it requires plenty of patience and elbow grease… more specifically, oil. “It’s crucial you let your brows grow out for a minimum of four weeks. Applying a growth serum or a basic castor oil from the pantry will increase the density throughout the process,” says Lana. But a word to the wise, while you might long for that Cara look, the reality is it may not do your face justice. “It’s a big mistake and I see it regularly – women wanting to match their brow shape to someone else’s, even though it simply doesn’t suit their facial features. Starting with the right shape from the beginning will make the whole process a lot easier and your final result flawless,” says Lana.


Hands up if you have ever got a little too enthusiastic with the tweezers… “One of the most common mistakes women make when trying to shape their brows is over plucking, resulting in completely butchering the brows and leaving them far too thin,” says Lana. If you’re in doubt, put the tweezers down and call a pro. One wrong move and it’s game over. 


Using an eyebrow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas will give the brow a fuller look. If you have darker hair, opt for a shade that’s similar to your hair already, (you don’t want the brow looking too harsh). For the blonde babes, try a pencil or powder that’s slightly darker to make your brows pop. Hot-tip: use a clean mascara wand to wave over your brows when they are done to remove any excess product.

Eyebrows can transform your face – never underestimate the power of the arch ladies.