By now, you've probably heard of a new offering in the fitness world called Barre.

Looking for a fitness challenge that will keep you on your toes? Barre Attack (where Pilates meets ballet and cardio) could be your ticket to a more toned bod. The all-over dance-style workout targets traditional ‘problem areas’ like the tummy, tush and legs and is just one of the new classes hitting Fitness First studios around Aus. The good news is you don’t need to be a prima ballerina to take part (phew!) so Team WF decided to hit the barre…

Our instructor, Laura Doonin (think energetic, upbeat and impossibly graceful) kicked off the class by assuring us, “This will make you sweat” – quickly eliminating any smug looks of over-confidence from our faces.

And she wasn’t wrong. From the start of the first track, the intensity was sky high. After soldiering through what felt like 4000 squats, we got our first lesson in pulses (aka: toning torture). By the end of the Katy Perry song, our legs were awake and on fire. Only 40 minutes to go…

It might be low-impact but Barre Attack is no Sunday stroll through the park. The cleverly targeted moves made our lower bodies burn – although it wasn’t all pain and no gain, we did have a bit of a Centre Stage moment between gasps for air. Then, just when our legs were ready to give in, the focus shifted to the upper bod, with a five-minute core finisher of eye-watering (but seriously effective) 20-second holds.

Laura kept us honest throughout the class by correcting our form and reminding us constantly to “SQUEEZE!” The upbeat, pop soundtrack also helped to keep us motivated (especially the techno remix of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’).

By the time the class wrapped, all four of us were panting and, yep, covered in sweat. The final verdict? Barre Attack is an awesome workout – even if you’re not the most co-ordinated, graceful human. Just don’t forget to bring a towel!