Sure, they look pretty fabulous and sound like experts, but Instagram can spit out some unqualified, wacky workouts and dodgy fitness advice.

We have curated a list of our favourite #instafit babes to fill your feed with only the finest fitspiration. Get summer-bod ready with tried and tested workouts, inspiring insights and handy advice.


Whitney is an ex-gymnast turned gym-junkie who shares daily videos of her workouts and some fierce inspirational selfies (butt-spiration, much?). She provides detailed captions explaining exactly what she’s doing in her videos and shares fitness tips and workouts. She has a tonne of great HIIT workouts and leg-day supersets to get your booty burning.

Whitney Simmons


Katie is a quirky and down to earth nutrition and fitness coach who shares loads of workout videos, warm ups and mobility exercises for you to try at home and in the gym. She’s knowledgeable and a great deal of her content educates her followers on correct form (a.k.a, you’re doin’ it wrong, do it better!) and instructional ‘how to’ tips for specific exercises. Make sure to look out for her super cute cat Bella who features as an exercise prop in some of her videos (weighted lunges with a fat cat, anyone?).


Rebecca Hawthorne is a dietitian and nutritionist who lives and breathes health and fitness. We’re talking workout vids to boot, mouth-watering fresh food, inspiring beach pics showing off her flawless frame, lifestyle and health tips galore. She shares her daily workouts on her insta story so stay tuned for those, and make sure to check out her recent bed workout. Yeah, for the days when you feel like you should do a workout but you also just feel like staying in bed. She just #gets us.


You can’t go past our girl Libby, this sweaty and sweet babe has everything from fitness to nutrition advice sorted. @bufgirls have been touring Australia sharing their sweaty workouts and Libby keeps the workouts accessible without too much equipment so you can DIY at home. If you’re up for a dance-style workout, loaded with energy, check her out.


Former pole vaulter and current exercise physiologist, athletics coach and yoga teacher Amanda Bisk is high up there on our fitspiration list. Sporting a seriously enviable case of the bendies, Amanda shares yoga flows, workout vids and flawless snaps of her superwoman stretches. We’re talking The Incredibles elastigirl type flexibility here. Amanda’s ever positive tone on Instagram never fails to motivate us to get moving.