Shopping for sports bras can be pretty hard, almost as hard as finding the right pair of jeans. Do you go for a crop, one with thick straps or one with wire? Sure, you want the sports bra to look pretty, but what’s most important is getting one with support – cos’ when your girls are bouncing like crazy, you’re gonna get uncomfortable VERY quickly.

To make sure this never happens, we grilled Nike trainer Steph B on everything you need to know about finding your perfect match.

Why is it important to find the right sports bra?
“When we work out, we want to perform at our best, right? Otherwise, it feels like a wasted opportunity! What helps you perform at peak every time is being comfortable in the workout gear you choose – it’s just as important as your shoes and sweat! Having no distractions makes it easier to get your mind on the movement, leading to an efficient session, and finishing strong.”

What happens if we aren’t wearing the correct one?
“Outside of being uncomfortable, your focus won’t be on slaying the workout.”

Are there long-term effects of wearing the wrong sports bra?
“Sure is! It doesn’t matter if you’re an A or an F cup – the truth is that gravity is not your best friend. Breasts that bounce due to lack of support can end up with damaged ligaments/tissue or possible skin irritation. However droopy boobs and muscular pain around the upper body are probably the most common effects, which can affect our daily routine.

Without proper support in front, the back of our body has to work harder to maintain good posture. But if you’re not being mindful of keeping good posture throughout the day, it can eventually cause aches, pain and discomfort through the neck and shoulders.”

What are simple ways we can determine whether a sports bra is right for us?
“Most women tend to wear a sports bra that’s too big around the band, and too small in the cup. One of the easiest (and simplest) ways to check you’re wearing the right size is to raise your hands above your head, and if the band moves up then you might need a size down. An easy way to find your perfect size online is with the Nike Bra Fit Finder tool, it’s a simple 2-step process.”

What style of bra is good for short distance, long runs and HIIT workouts?
“For yoga, spin and low-impact activities, a bra in lightweight material with a cross-back and adjustable straps is ideal. For high-impact activities like HIIT and running, go for the Nike Pro Rival; the elastic chest band with a thick cross-back and hook and eye gives excellent stability.”

How often should you get a new sports bra?
“Sports bras are designed to take on more impact than regular bras, meaning the band of your sports bra should fit slightly tighter than your regular bra. As soon as you start to feel less resistance on the band, its time for a new one.”