Lani Williams, the creative force behind Melbourne’s Windfall Jewellery, knows a thing or two about keeping fit both physically and mentally. The woman is a business/exercise warrior and says her regular gym sessions are not only critical for her mental health, but also translate to her business game. And Lani’s business game is fierce.

In 2011 she launched Windfall Jewellery from nothing, literally. The business is 100% independent and grown from organic profits. She’s never had a business loan or any financial backing and while she sometimes wonders where the business would be now if she had gone down that path, she’s feels damn good about what she’s created. And so, she should.

But striking the perfect balance between running a business, being creative and motherhood is an ongoing battle and one Lani helps tackle every day by hitting the gym, hard.

“Exercise and fighting is critical to my mental health,” says Lani. “If I’m not healthy then my business isn’t healthy. If I’m not at my peak mentally then I struggle to keep everything in check.

“Fighting, training and exercise not only keeps me in good physical shape, but more importantly, it keeps my mind in good shape.”

As head honcho of the Windfall brand, it’s not unusual for Lani’s mind to be running at a million miles an hour. She’s the first to admit she’s constantly thinking about what needs to be done next, how to time manage the workload, where her next designs are coming from and what new tools are needed – as well as a thousand other things. But when she’s at the gym, Lani tunes out and her head has room to breathe.

“When I’m at the gym I’m not a mum or a business woman, I’m just focused on the drill or the technique we’re doing, and my mind stays there. It’s almost meditative to me. It’s really therapeutic,” says Lani.

“I wasn’t always training though, I started it to get my body back into shape after having my son and thinking back to before that time, my business was definitely in a mess compared to the well-oiled machine it is now.”

Lani also looks after her mind, body and soul by getting back to nature with her family whenever possible. Whether it’s working in the garden, heading to the gym or escaping to their country cabin, the time away from city life works wonders for her physical and mental wellbeing.

“I need that time out to take a step back and remember what I’m doing,” says Lani. “When it all gets a bit much it’s important to put the tools down and come back to it tomorrow. The work will always be there waiting for you, but the dust would have settled over night and you’ll see the big picture more clearly when you don’t want to bang your head against the wall.”

But for Lani, the gym is her constant source of sanity… and ultimately business success.

“You can actually tell when I haven’t been – I’m frustrated and I’m frustrating!”

You can find Lani getting her sweat on all over Melbourne. You’ll find her limbering up with Muay Thai coach Andrew Colgrave at The Ring Gym in Footscray. Coming into fight season she’s working on her form and technique under Cal Potter and husband Matt at Renegade MMA and staying fit-fight with strength and conditioning coach Dan Russo at Fighting Fit in Preston. And coz that training regime ain’t enough, she also takes her Windfall dream-team for a group conditioning sesh erry Friday.

Um… hire us please Lani?