If you’re a summer lover, it can be hard not to hibernate for the entire duration of the chilly season. Bec Tippett, our reader ambassador, dreads the arrival of winter, but she doesn’t let it keep her indoors forever. Here are her top 5 things to do during the cold months.

“I’ll be the first to admit that I have never liked winter. My hands and feet seem to be permanently frozen and I would happily sit by the fire and hibernate for three months if I could. But this is not healthy nor practical so finding hobbies in winter is super important to me.

Go to the movies

It’s a great excuse to get out of the house into a heated, comfy room where I can take my own snacks or BYO healthier popcorn option while catching up with friends.

Watch some footy

Sometimes you just have to brave the weather to support your favourite team play. Whether it be AFL, rugby, soccer, netball, etc, there are a lot of sports that run in the winter season. For me, it’s watching the AFL supporting my boyfriend who plays… GO GIANTS!

Bec with sister Erin (left) and boyfriend Nick.

KX Pilates

The quick run from my car to the Balmain studio is the most I have to voluntarily spend in the freezing cold and luckily as soon as the workout starts my muscles are warm and ready. I usually always go with a friend and as it is a high-intensity workout, I can tick off both my social and physical wellbeing all in just 50 minutes!


You’ll often find me reading one of the latest travel books planning my next adventure, Women’s Fitness maga (of course) for some inspo or a cook book to plan my next meal. Now is the time to finish a book I have always wanted to read but have for whatever reason pushed to the side!


Everyone indulges differently when it comes to pampering themselves or what they choose to spend their money on. For me, it’s a one-hour deep tissue massage. For both relaxation and circulation purposes, there’s nothing more I look forward to on a cold night then rewarding myself with a massage.”

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