So you couldn’t catch a wink of sleep last night and you’re already running late. Do you a) Embrace your new bleary-eyed, blotchy-skinned complexion, b) Go back to bed and pretend today never happened or c) Fake eight hours of sleep in five minutes? Yeah, we’d go for option b if we could, too, but since there’s no rest for the wicked (literally), here’s how you can score eight hours of beauty sleep in a fraction of the time.

Step 1: Even out your skin tone

If you’re currently suffering from red spots, dry patches, dark circles or all of the above, reach for a hydrating and brightening foundation. After cleansing your face and applying your go-to moisturiser, use the warmth from your fingers to work a formula like the Burberry Bright Glow Foundation, $86, into your skin, to bring your complexion back into the land of the living.

Step 2: Do your brows

Nothing says, “I made heaps of effort and totally got a full night’s sleep” more than a pair of bold brows. They frame your face, draw attention away from your bloodshot eyes and make your selfies look #flawless. Since you’re too fatigued to operate heavy machinery right now, make friends with the Benefit Foolproof Brow Powder, $42, so you can sculpt your arches and tame strays in a flash.

Step 3: Apply mascara

Hot tip: If you want to disguise how close you are to falling asleep at your desk, open your peepers with a sweep of mascara. Don’t waste time applying a shadow you’ll probably rub off 30 seconds later – just open your eyes with a defining tube of Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara, $25.

Step 4: Use nude eyeliner

Make-up artists have been using this tricks on models and celebs since pre-Instagram days. Applying nude (or white) eyeliner to your waterline or lower lash line will open your eyes and diffuse any redness. Buddy up to a creamy formula, like the NARS Velvet Eyeliner, $35, for a smoother application.

Step 5: Pucker up

Even if you don’t feel awake, a slick of dewy pink gloss or in-your-face red will help you look the part. Stay away from matte formulas (as they can exacerbate dryness) and stick to hydrating, pigmented blends like the GO-TO Pinky-Nude Lips!, $17.