If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still lamenting the disappearance of long, hot days and balmy nights spent outdoors. However, all is not lost! While we officially said goodbye to some of our favourite summer fruits back in February (mangoes, we miss you!), the colder months have a lot to offer when it comes to fresh fruit and veggies. Here’s what to look for at your local fresh food grocer to eat with the season this winter.


Fit girls rejoice! Cauliflower rice is on the menu and we love its versatility and couscous-like consistency. Chop up a fresh head of cauliflower, blitz in a food processor and fry on a hot pan until crispy and golden.


Is there anything more wintry than a warm, jacket potato? We think not. Potatoes are in season at the moment and their addition to a dinner is perfect during winter when we’re craving more carb-rich meals.


Everybody’s favourite green is ripe for the picking from June until early September. Look for heads of broccoli that are tight, with firm florets and avoid bunches that are dry looking. The colour should be uniform and vibrant with no yellow or brown patches around the edges.


The apple is a winter staple and they’re at their sweetest during June, July and August. Grab one for a snack on the go or stew a bunch of them for a delicious winter dessert.

Stewed cinnamon apples: Peel, core and quarter eight to ten apples. Add the apples to a large saucepan with 1/4 cup water, 2 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tbsp cinnamon. Cook the apples on a medium heat with the lid on for 20-30 minutes, you want the water to be boiling and you’ll need to check them every five minutes. Once the apples begin to soften (not so soft that they break apart!) take them off the heat and allow them to cool. Serve a few pieces with thick greek yoghurt or ice cream.


Just when we need a vitamin C boost the most, oranges are in season. Choosing a juicy orange is simple, firstly pick one that feels heavy. You don’t want to pick a fruit that feels lighter than it looks. Secondly, give it a sniff. A tasty orange should have a zesty scent and finally, the skin should be bright, consistent and without any discolouration.


Kiwifruits are power-packed with more than 20 nutrients like fibre, potassium, vitamin E, folate and exceptionally high vitamin C levels. Add them to a smoothie or chop one up with breaky for an immunity boost this winter.


Carrots are at their sweetest between June and September. Grate one into a salad, peel and roast them as a side dish or add one or two to a casserole for extra crunch and flavour.


Nobody wants a mushy pear. If you’re looking for one that’s ready to eat, press a thumb to the flesh right near the stem, if it gives slightly, it’s ready to go. You don’t want to buy a pear that is soft anywhere lower down as the flesh is more than likely overripe. Use pears in salads with walnuts and blue cheese or slice them finely and use them as a topping on oats or pancakes.