This month’s cover star, aerial skier Danielle Scott, has a few winning mindset secrets she uses to stay calm and perform at her best on the world stage. The good news? You can use them too …

Find the joy

“I think if you love what you do, success comes naturally. So if I’m having a hard day out there, I ask myself, ‘What do I love about being here, what is it that I’m enjoying?’ And I’ll go and find whatever that is, whether it’s hanging out with people in another country or experiencing the country and culture that I’m in. You can get caught up in the hard work and when things aren’t going well, so to find the love in what you do, it makes it easy.”

Stay calm

“Injury taught me to calm down. I was chasing this incredible thing that I wanted to achieve and I was overlooking the importance of strength, the importance of slowing things down, thinking things through. Take a step back and look at the perspective, don’t get caught up in getting the job done too quickly.”

Breathe through it

“To deal with nerves, keeping a good intensity of energy is important – not too energetic and not too calm. You learn to find that through breathing and pacing yourself with the right mindset. I also like to listen to music while I train. Some people find that distracting, and I take it out when I actually jump or compete, but I listen to music just to tune in and tune out.”