Coffee and chocolate are one of the great combos in life, just like avo and toast, and cheese and crackers. If mocha’s are your favourite café indulgence, you’ll be happy to know that it’s doing good things for your bod.

Clarkson University and the University of Georgia studied the effects chocolate and caffeine can have on your mood and cognition, and found some surprising results.

After half the participants of the study consumed caffeine-infused drinks, and the other half had coffee- and chocolate-infused drinks, the results showed that those with the caffeine reported an increase in anxiety levels.

Those with the coffee/choc combo? They only had chill, calm vibes. Apparently the cocoa effectively cancels out the effects caffeine has in causing feelings of anxiety!

Chocolate has some pretty great health benefits, like reducing blood pressure, boosting a positive mood and improving your blood flow, and so does coffee. It helps lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and protects your liver. Combine those two and you’ve got a winning formula!

Now if you need to perk up but don’t want the jittery come-down, go for that yummy mocha.

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