We’re not sure about you – but we’re still jumping up and down celebrating Australia voting yes to marriage equality. Do you want to celebrate the yes vote with movement, too? Flow Athletic have a few events on that let you celebrate equality with pumping beats in an electric atmosphere – having hosted a number of incredibly successful events across Australia, these guys are totally nailing the workout-that-feels-like-a-party vibes.

Pride Nightclub Spin

Wednesday 31 January and Thursday 1 February

Flow Athletic will be hosting a Pride Nightclub Spin at Home Nightclub in Sydney. Expect pumping beats with a live DJ, lighting and smoke machines at an incredible venue. This is a great experience, a hardcore workout as you ride for pride – led by Australia’s leading spin instructors.

Pride Flow After Dark Silent Disco

Wednesday 28 February

Think 90 minutes of all-level Vinyasa Yoga led by Flow Athletic co-founder, Kate Kendall, to the fluid beats of Sydney DJ, James Mack. Yup. The event has an electric atmosphere and is both entertaining for participants and onlookers alike as there is literally a sea of yogis moving in sync with the same intention while making no sound. For participants, it allows them to zone out and enjoy their own practice as they can’t hear anyone around them, yet they are part of a community who all have the same intention.