We see the words ‘natural’, organic’ and ‘certified organic’ on the labels of some of our favourite beauty prods but don’t often pay attention to what it actually means. We’re becoming more mindful at eating organic food that’s free from harmful pesticides, so it makes sense to do the same for our skin, right? Here, we try to break down exactly what these terms mean and what products are best for you.

What’s the difference between ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products?
“Products claiming to be ‘natural’ include ingredients that are grown in their natural state, with the potential to benefit from synthetic chemical aids such as pesticides, herbicides and growth hormones,” says Dr Tarj Mavi, founder of La Mav Organic Skin Science. “Conversely, organic products are derived from ingredients that remain unaltered by chemical aid throughout the growing process.”

What’s the difference between ‘organic’ and ‘certified organic’ products?
“Products marketed as ‘Organic’ must be grown under conditions free from synthetic chemicals, fertilisers and GMOs,” explains Dr Mavi.

“The ‘Certified Organic’ accreditation is more rigorous – ‘Certified Organic’ products must undergo extensive testing to ensure they comply with strict guidelines throughout the growing and processing stages,” she continues.

One beauty brand that definitely is certified organic? La Mav, AKA Australia’s first and largest certified organic skin care brand with clinically proven Bio-Actives.

La Mav is proudly OFC-certified, one of the most stringent certifications in Australia,” Dr Mavi tells us. “Products certified with the OFC logo must contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, and adhere to strict facility regulations for the processing and manufacturing of goods. La Mav is proudly Australian owned and made, manufacturing our products on-site in Sydney, in accordance with these regulations.”

What are Bio-Actives and how are they good for the skin?
La Mav’s products also contain clinically proven Bio-Actives – basically, all the good stuff. “Bio-Actives are clinically proven ingredients that target specific skin concerns to prevent the visible signs of ageing,” says Dr Mavi. “La Mav’s NEW Bronze by La Mav sunless tanning range provides a perfect example of Bio-Actives in action, infused with magnesium to stimulate collagen and elastin production, and natural DHA to produce a beautiful golden glow.”

“We invest years of research and product development to critically select potent Bio-Actives that will achieve visible results. Just some of the Bio-Actives featured in La Mav Organic Skin Science products include Hyaluronic Acid, Chlorella Extract, Vitamin C, Paracress Extract, Organic Cotton Thistle Extract and Rumex Extract,” she says.

Head to lamav.com to check out La Mav’s beauty range.