Fitting a workout in around your 9-5 can be a big ask which is why this quick and effective circuit is the perfect sweat sesh for a busy day. Pry yourself away from your chair during your lunch hour and get outdoors. There’s no waiting for strength machines and no wasted time between sets with this full body workout. With no equipment required, you’ll be finished in just fifteen minutes, leaving you with a solid half hour to chow down on a delicious, post-workout lunch.

The best bit? Some midday endorphins should help you beat the 3pm slump.

Beginners: Go for three rounds.

Intermediate: Go for four rounds.

Advanced: Go for as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes (we’d be impressed with six or more).

Squat kick back (20 reps)

Keep your chest up as you drop your bottom back. Lift up and kick back on foot, engaging your glute muscles.


Modified burpee (10 reps)

Instead of dropping your chest to the floor, jump back into a high plank position. As you leap high make sure you’re squatting low first to get as much air as possible.


Squat, jump, clap (20 reps)

Similar to a jumping jack, squat down to touch the ground on every rep. And don’t forget to clap, it makes it more fun!


Inch worm (8 reps)

Roll forward and step your hands out one at a time until you’re in a high plank position. Do a push up and step your hands back to your feet before rolling back to the top. The important part of this move is keeping your core switched on and a neutral spine throughout (that means no hunching).


Shoulder tap plank (20 reps)

Holding a high plank position, move one hand off the ground at a time and touch your opposite shoulder. Alternate and repeat.