Sweat much? We do! And we also happen to think sweating is epic – but the problem is when our busy lives conflict with our gym schedule as we try to figure out how to get our hair back to looking fab post-sweat sesh. Because sweaty, frizzy and dry gym hair is never a good thing.

We spoke to Kenneth Stoddart, Priceline Pharmacy’s Hair Director at the Beauty Prescription Live Event ahead of VAMFF – Kenneth is a leading hairstylist who’s worked with celebrities and on fashion shows around the world. Basically, he knows a thing or two about hair.

“A lot of people are a bit delusional about eliminating frizz,” says Kenneth, “they’re always wondering: how do I get rid of the frizz?”

Kenneth explained to us that raised cuticle layers are what result in the hair looking dry and frizzy. While most of us would slap a smoothing serum over our hair, according to Kenneth, it’ll only close the cuticles temporarily and isn’t a permanent fix – and if we’re loading products into our hair without blow drying, our hair will only get oily again.

“Humidity and climate are two of the biggest causes of frizz,” explains Kenneth, “and those of us with curly hair will suffer more from frizz as our hair is naturally dry. Wet the hair down – that will change the molecular structure back to normal – and then blow dry it to close the cuticles to prevent frizz.”

But the real way to eliminate frizz for good? It’s all down in these must-know hair hacks.

Eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals

“The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is totally true when it comes to hair – eat a diet high in silica, which strengthens hair and nails,” Kenneth says.

Brush your hair at night

“Run the brush though your hair before you go to sleep, you’ll work the natural oil down through the hair from the mid-length through to the ends of your hair,” says Kenneth, “the natural oils work their way through your hair while you’re sleeping and give it a deep condition.” He recommends using a Bore Bristle brush by Mason and Pearson, or a flat brush by Lady Jayne, and popping your hair in a loose braid before your head hits the pillow.

Protect your hair like you would your skin

“Spray UV protection into your hair, pop in leave in conditioners that protect the hair, wear a scarf or hat, and put in a bun or top knot if you’re heading out into the sun,” says Kenneth.

Use Biosilk #17

It’s a spray in, leave in conditioner for fine to thick hair, with 17 benefits – from moisturising to preventing split ends, from UV to heat protection. “You can use it on a daily basis, it’s a really good all-round protection moisturiser and multi-purpose product,” Kenneth says.

Ask for help

One of the barriers to good hair health for many people is that they’re not sure which products to use and how do use them. The best thing about priceline is that they have beauty advisors in store, who can help and give advice for any hair problem you have.

Know what it’s in the products you’re using

“There’s a big shift towards natural, organic, environmentally friendly, paraben free, sulphate free products which aren’t tested on animals –  for good reason.” Avoid ingredients like alcohol and bioethanol – and if there’s a million ingredients you can’t pronounce? Pop it back on the shelf.

Use a bobble hair tie

If you’re tying your hair up the wrong kind of elastic band you’re doing yourself no favours – Kenneth recommends using a bobble hair tie, which won’t snag or leave indentations in your hair, and stops you getting breakages.

Don’t wash your hair (as much)

“Natural oils are there to condition and moisture your hair,” says Kenneth, “shampoos with sulphates and parabens will dry your hair out, making it lose its lustre and beauty as it becomes dehydrated.” Conditioners have a whole multitude of things going on as well, Kenneth tells us. Give this formula a try: “if you shampoo every day, try just rinsing with conditioner every second day, instead. Every alternate day, you can use shampoo. You’ll be cutting your shampoo use down 50% straight away,” says Kenneth, “watch the difference over two weeks – trust me, just by doing that alone, you’ll have healthier hair in no time!”

“If you’re active, go to the gym and love getting sweaty, your hair is going to need to be cleansed, so use gentle cleansing shampoos and moisture treatments to replenish the moisture you’ve taken out with your cleansing shampoos,” Kenneth recommends.