Kale. It’s been 2015’s favourite green leaf and with a high concentration of antioxidants, a high fibre content and some serious, anti-inflammatory benefits there’s a whole heap of reasons to make it a regular in your diet. Not every one is a kale lover though. So for those of you with an aversion to the texture or the taste, we’ve found some recipes that will change your life. Or at least, make eating kale more enjoyable.

1. This amazing creamy pumpkin spaghetti with garlic kale from A Pinch of Yum


2. An amazing, gluten free, kale pizza crust made by Sweet As Honey


3. In a mouth-watering roasted garlic hummus (with kale) created by The Roasted Root


4. Make your kale into spicy nacho chips with help from Veggie and the Beast


5. Whizz it up and make a pesto like this one from As Easy As Apple Pie


6. Make these more-ish sweet potato and kale balls as a mid arvo snack 


7. Or if you want to be a real genius, you’ll hide some kale in decadent chocolate cookies like the One Ingredient Chef did.