Working out on a Monday is pretty important. It sets us up for the week ahead, gives us a handy endorphin boost on a day when we’re commonly feeling a bit flat and can relieve the stress associated with a long Monday to-do list. Unfortunately, getting to a sesh on a Monday can also be a bit of a drag. Waking up earlier or getting home later at the beginning of the week – not so enticing. So we asked personal trainer and owner of The HIIT Factory, Colette McShane, for her best Monday motivation and she delivered the goods.

Try something new on a Monday

Are you usually a runner? Go to a HIIT class. Always do Pump on a Monday? Do an outdoor park sesh instead. “You will uncover so much inspiration when you enter into someone else’s world of how they do things. I love to head to a yoga class, try a tough circuit session or run in a different location,” says McShane.

Be prepared

If you make things harder than they need to be on a Monday, your chances of making it to the gym will be slim. That means getting yourself organised and making sure your bag is packed with everything you need on a Sunday night. “Layout your workout stuff the day before and have everything organised and ready to go. You’ll get the guilts if you have everything you need and decide to skip the workout,” says McShane.

Enlist a mate

“This is one of the best things you can do for accountability,” says McShane. Chances are your friend could do with the extra Monday push too. “Arrange a time to run with them or head to a class, that way you’ll have to make it!” she adds.

Make your workout shorter

Your Monday workout need not take much time. Make it a quick one and up the intensity. “Effective workouts don’t need to take long. Thirty minutes of HIIT will deliver exceptional results and eliminate the ‘I don’t have time’ mindset,” says McShane. Plus a twenty or thirty minute workout is a lot more attractive in comparison to an hour sesh after a busy day.

Cultivate a mantra

“My favourite motivation is following the mantra, ‘I don’t have to do this, I get to do this’. Changing your mindset and adding some positivity will change everything,” says McShane. Think of your own mantra or favourite quote. Keep it on your phone lock screen, print it out and stick it on your desk or simply recite it in your head a few times during your day to keep your eye on the prize.

Colette AKA The HIIT Mum runs The HIIT Factory Fitness facilities in Australia, soon to go global, and specialises in the no equipment body weight interval training approach. Colette also created the award-winning fitness App PT in My Pocket. You can catch her at this year’s Fitness & Health Expo in Melbourne and take part in a free workout, April 29 – May 1 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.