WF reader ambassador Bec Tippett shares her tips on how we can focus on ourselves every single day.

“Sometimes we are too rigid in our daily routines that we lose track of what we really want to get out of each day. Checking in with yourself and writing a list of five things you can do each week to help better yourself is a refreshing way of regrouping and helping you move forward in the best way possible.

My top five for this week are:

  1. Building good habits

It’s so easy to become comfortable in your daily routine that you don’t realise you aren’t pushing yourself or striving to be better. This may include skipping the gym with all the excuses you can think of. To really start you must establish good habits.

  1. Challenge yourself

Once you’ve achieved good habits, it’s time to challenge yourself. It’s a no brainer that if you want results you have to put in the hard work. Doing the same gym routine, eating the same foods and not changing it up will leave you in a motivation slump. Whether it’s your exercise routine, moving up the corporate ladder or starting a new hobby, push yourself.

  1. Take risks

To move forward sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit. Taking risks means stepping out of your comfort zone and most people stop before they have to. Risks don’t mean putting your life in danger, but instead challenging or changing something for a potentially positive outcome.

  1. Learn something new

If you want to better yourself you need to move past what you already know and gain new information. The world is evolving and changing at a rapid pace, it’s impossible to know everything therefore you have so much to gain and grow everyday. With new facts and skills to learn, you can gain so much by using your resources (the internet, books, empowering people) in a useful way.

  1. Be good to others

In everyday life we have to interact with a number of people, whether it be in the supermarket, in your job or on the phone, and we can easily become impatient and fed up – particularly if someone is being negative. We need to remember that we’re just copping the brunt of their emotions, and learn to not take on their bad energy. It’s easy to drag yourself to their level but it’s so important to not let them be a reflection of how you treat others. Remember to always be kind to others and make a special effort to do something small each day for someone else, whether it be a random or someone you love.”

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