Had a big night at the work Christmas party?

We all know how it goes after a big, end of year shebang – we’re left in bed nursing a killer hangover with endless glasses of water and greasy food. There are so many celebrations in December that it’s often hard to keep our health in check. We’ve put together a survival guide, so you can bounce back quickly from your cheeky over-indulgence (which we all need once in a while).

Fast in the morning; but don’t starve yourself

If you’re hungry when you first wake up, don’t ignore your instincts; but it’s suggested to give your body a break after a bigger-than-usual food and drink binge. Since alcohol can often slow gastric emptying, during this time, sip on a hot mug of tea to help get your digestion back on track, and if you’re not feeling like something warm, we can’t get enough sparkling water to help with mild nausea. Get around your Sodastream and keep the bubbles flowin’. A hot cuppa full of Chamomile can relax nerves and your digestive tract and is a great alternative to peppermint tea if you often suffer from heartburn.

Rapidly repair with cryotherapy

With a number of benefits from pain relief, inflammation reduction and lessening the impact of migraines and headaches, cryotherapy is definitely worth a shot; not to mention it’s non-evasive and hyper-cooling to quicken your hangover recovery. Stick that poor wounded soul in the cryo-oven and kick start the recovery. What more could you want? Although a session is typically around the hundred-dollar mark, Groupon has some cheeky deals such as this one starting at $39.

Don’t underestimate the importance of fresh air and sun

Take advantage of the warmer weather and douse yourself in Vitamin D. Fresh air can help you feel less nauseated and can also help you pull away from couch-induced misery and reduce the potential effects of heartburn and other gastro issues. A nice, long walk can also even out your blood sugar and clear glucose out of your bloodstream – not to mention, sunlight is said to improve alertness – something you often lack after a boozy night out.

Eat the right food

Although our instincts may cause us to turn towards high-fat, high-carb foods for faux-comfort, it may be hard to believe but we actually feel better by satisfying our appetites with low calorie, high-protein snacks. Apples with peanut butter, eggs cooked your favourite way or Greek yoghurt (with berries and honey if you’re craving sweetness) are ideal, plus probiotic-rich foods such as kombucha and fermented vegetables can assist in settling your stomach. If you have a post-celebration brunch commitment, choose somewhere with light dining options; OpenTable can help you find the ideal spot.

Sweat it out

When you wake up after a full blown whoopsie aka green-face/sore head/blistered feet/empty wallet (we’ve all been there!) you could veg on the couch for the rest of the day. Or, you could literally sweat the booze and bad vibes out of your pores. A good quality pair of compression tights can provide an increase in blood lactate removal, reduce swelling and reduce your heart rate, so the impact of exercise will be a little easier to tolerate. 2XU’s compression wear will forgive your for overdoing it the night before.