When it comes to getting a banging pair of yoga tights, Jodie Gear, general manager of merchandising for Lululemon Australia and New Zealand, is a tights aficionado.

She tells us that we need to remember the five Fs: functionality, fit, fabric, features and fun.

A good pair is functional.

They won’t restrict you during downward dog. “For yoga you’ll want tights with four-way stretch and great coverage, so that you can move freely in all your poses,” tips Gear. No one wants to have to pick out a wedgie during pigeon pose.

Find the right fit.

A pair of perfectly fitted tights is a beautiful thing. According to Gear, there are a few key questions you should ask yourself before hitting the shops…

  • How much coverage are you looking for – a cropped leg, 7/8 or full-length?
  • Where does it sit on your waist – do you want high-rise or low-rise?
  • What level of compression are you looking for – do you want something fitted throughout or a little looser?

Select materials that make for magnificent movement.

“Choosing the right fabric for the way you like to sweat is everything,” says Gear. Whether it’s cotton, Lycra, linen or Lululemon’s signature, Luon (a fabric designed to handle serious stretch and sweat) – just like Goldilocks, the material that your tights are made from will determine whether you’re too hot, too cold or just right.

Look for cool features.

“Great yoga tights will have technical features embedded throughout that make them functional and beautiful,” explains Gear. What kind of features are we talking? Think mesh, a hidden pocket for your gym card or car key, breathability, seamless construction, fold-down waist or fold-up legs (to allow the tights to be full length or 7/8). These features are not only awesome but also extremely practical.

Boring tights need not apply.

Gear believes that yoga tights should be a little bit fun, too. “A bold print and colour will inspire you to get on your mat,” she says. We couldn’t agree more.