Blessed with more blemishes than you know what to do with? Wish your pores were smaller? Sick of dry patches? Before you reach for the most fancy-sounding product you can spy in the beauty aisle, hold up. While the skincare world has seen a plethora of innovations over the past few years, sometimes you just can’t beat the power of natural ingredients. From charcoal and baking soda to noni fruit and rosehip, mother nature’s got you covered.


Nothing can cleanse your skin quite like charcoal. Boasting natural adsorbent powers, it works like a magnet and collects dirt and impurities from your skin before whisking them down the drain. If you suffer from an oily complexion, arm yourself with the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser and you’ll send clogged pores packing after just one use.


As well as keeping you perky in the mornings, caffeine’s also a champ at firming your skin. Loaded with antioxidants and chemicals that can cause the skin to constrict, it’ll keep your skin cells toned and protected from environmental damage. Massage The Body Shop’s Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream into your trouble spots for summer-ready pins.

Baking soda

Yep, this pantry staple is a secret beauty powerhouse. While it’s used in cooking to keep your cakes and muffins nice and fluffy, it’ll help balance the pH of your skin and offer up a gentle (and natural) exfoliation to keep your complexion looking clear and bright. Buddy up to the Bioré Baking Soda Acne Scrub if you’ve got a case of combination skin and you’ll nix those zits in no time.


Loaded with essential fatty acids and high in antioxidants that help fight premature ageing, the oil from rosehips (the little buds on a rose plant) is a moisturising queen. Massage the A’kin Weightless Rosehip Oil into your face and décolletage morning and night for smooth, dewy skin.

Noni fruit

Hailing from south-east Asia, noni fruit is packed with vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. To score glowy skin all over, slather yourself in the Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil as soon as you jump out of the shower.